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lavendel carre
=    Native speaker French

Your documents in English or Dutch will be translated into French by a native speaker. You also can trust Version Française if you need your French documents to be proof-read or edited. They will get all the care they need.
port-tudy  =    Culture and tourism

Years of experience in the fields of culture and tourism allow us to specialise in translating documents such as brochures, folders and catalogues. With
Version Française, you can be certain that your text is in safe hands to be translated for a French-speaking audience.
toureiffel  =    Quality, accuracy, punctuality

your documents to Version Française means they will be translated accurately within the agreed deadline. Whatever your translation project is, our experience and know-how will make the difference.
villandry  =    Tailor-made pricing
Some translations may require more time and knowledge than others, depending on how specialised the original document is. That can have an effect on the translation rates, as can a short deadline.
Charges are calculated according to the number of words in the source document, the complexity of the translation and the agreed deadline.
pierrefonds =    Free quote

Please do not hesitate to contact Version Française using the link below to ask for a free quote. If possible, please send also a sample of your document, specifying its total number of words and when you would like the translation to be delivered.

Contact :